4th Annual IET Festival Solo Competitions

June 22-28, 2014


The IET Festival Solo Competition aims to promote the growth and development of euphonium and tuba players around the world.

Divisions and Eligibility

1) Euphonium/Tuba Artist
2) Euphonium/Tuba Student (ages 18 and under)
3) Amatuer Division

All competitors must be registered for the 2014 IET Festival.

The Artist Divisions are open to all interested players of any age except professional players working full time as a performer or college level teacher.

The Student Division is open to students age 18 and younger as of June 30,2014.

The Amateur Division is open to any age player that is not a professional player or teacher, and over 28 years old.

NOTE: Previous winners of the Student competition, may only compete in the Artist Division. Pervious winners of the Adult Division may only compete in the Artist dvision the year following their prize. After that year, they maybe take part in the Adult Division again.


Solo prizes for Artist and Student divisions (we will add to these in the future)

1st Prize - $400 Cash + $200 Scholarship to the IET Festival 2015
2nd Prize - $200 Cash + $100 Scholarship to the IET Festival 2015

Solo Prize for Amatuer Division:

1st Prize - $100 Gift Card for the Euphonium.com Store + $100 Scholarship to IET Festival 2015


You may apply online by clicking the button below or print the application from the two links below.

When and Where

The competition will take place during the IET Festival 2014 at Emory University. The unaccompanied Preliminary Round for the solo competitions will start around 12 noon on Sunday and the Finals will be on the Thursday afternoon. Some competitors may choose to arrive in Atlanta on the Saturday.

Repertoire Lists

Student Division


Euphonium : 1) Gb Major (p. 30) from Selected Studies - Voxman AND

2) Flamenco from 20 Dances - Vizzutti

Tuba: Hartley - Suite for Unaccompanied Tuba


Euphonium: Guilmant - Morceau Symphonique

Tuba : Haddad - Suite for Tuba (all movements)

Artist Division


Euphonium - Partita Veneziana (all 3 movements) from Advanced Concert Studies

Tuba : Choose one: 1) Persichetti - Serenade (all mvts) - or 2) Penderecki - Capricci


Euphonium - Boccalari - Fantasia di Concerto

Tuba - Required: Anthony Plog-Three Miniatures

AND 1) Baadsvik - Ordner Seg or 2) Barnes - Yorkshire Ballade

Adult Amatuer Division


Euphonium - Bruce Fraser - Euphonium Fantasy (without piano)

Tuba - Herbert L Clarke - Shores of the Mighty Pacific (down one octave without piano)


Euphonium - Bruce Fraser - Euphonium Fantasy

Tuba - Herbert L Clarke - Shores of the Mighty Pacific (down one octave)


The judges for the competition will be chosen from the Faculty and Staff from the IET Festival Guest Artists. All rounds are open to the public and the judges will not be able to see the competitors in the Preliminary Round. Competitors will be assigned a performance order and will be introduced by number. Competitors are allowed to have lessons and perform in master classes for the IET Festival Guest Artists as part of the IET Festival.



The Euphonium.com Store


1) Will I be able to play the competition pieces in my lessons at IET? YES

2) Will I be able to have lessons with the judges during the week? YES. Our goal is education and the judges will be able to see the competitors.

3) Will I be able to play my competition pieces in the Master Classes during the IET Festival? NO. We want the students work on a variety of pieces and expose audiences to a wide variety of repertoire.

4) Should I prepare more pieces for IET besides the competition repertoire? ABSOLUTELY!! Prepare other pieces that you want to learn about and improve during the week. The competition repertoire will not be heard in Master Class performances or the Participant Recitals.


Questions, Advertisement Flyers, and Contact Information
For any questions, please send an email to IETFestival@euphonium.com.