• Golland, John - Concerto No. 2

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Difficulty:  V

Length:  20:00

This is a superb work and one that should be studied more.  There are many technical challenges in regards to fast runs, complex rhythms, leaps spanning between one and three octaves, rapid multiple tonguing, and the endurance necessary for the high tessitura that the work so aptly exploits.  The work opens heroically and the first movement features many glissandos to c” and technical passages moving sequentially.  An extended cadenza features some contemporary notation, but make no mistake that the work is Romantically based.  The closing cadenza segues to the second movement; however, an optional ending to the first movement is included for performances that just features the first movement.  The Largo Elegaico captures Golland’s skills and knowledge of the euphonium as a lyrical tenor with grace, sensitivity and passion.  The recitative sections feature sweeping runs and elegant technical passages before the introspective melody takes hold of the heart.  The recitative section returns with some extended development before the main melody returns to be played tenderly in the extreme high range (c” and d-flat”).  The final movement opens with a waltz feel, muted section and relies heavily on rapid triple tonguing of both repeated figures and difficult moving figures.  There are also a number of high range glissando’s that reach nearly imperceptible heights from e-flat” to b-flat”.  This work provides fun challenges technically and musically that are worthwhile endeavors for performance.  It is definitely worth study, but will be a challenge. 

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Parts:  BC and TC