• Wilby, Philip - Concerto

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Difficulty:?? IV-V

Length:?? 18:15

One of the most challenging and demanding concerti, the Wilby Concerto for Euphonium combines incredible energy, driving intensity, soaring lyricism, and great listening enjoyment.?? However, the challenges present a substantial obstacle for many players.?? Firstly, there are tremendous technical demands including rapid repeated and moving double and triple tonguing through three of the four movements.?? The patterns are often chromatic, but with small modifications.?? Difficult rhythmic patterns also present challenges as well as the overall tempo of the work and the endurance needed to sustain the power and balance for the eighteen minutes.?? The most memorable portion of this concerto is the Dance:?? ZeibĚŠkikos.?? It basically makes up three minutes of pure adrenaline through fast notes, crazy two-octave glissandos, fierce grace notes and rapid meter changes before ending with the percussion section breaking plates!!?? The third movement then provides a very contemplative interlude before the final movement.?? The lyrical nature of the Andante explores the low range of the euphonium before ascending to a poignant statement in a slow 6/8.?? This writing is wonderfully lush and captures the best qualities of the euphonium before moving directly into the finale.?? The technical demands return and bring the work to a triumphant conclusion.?? This work will be very demanding, but absolutely worth the investment.?? It is a highly recommended work.?? The accompaniment parts are scored a little thickly and will challenge college level ensembles.??

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