• Kassati - Kino Concertino

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Difficulty:  IV 

Length:  17:00

One of the newer substantial works for euphonium and string orchestra, the Kino Concertino provides a wonderful contemporary vehicle for both ensemble and soloist to demonstrate agility and rhythmic precision in the highly syncopated and rhythmic first movement that employs numerous meter shifts including 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8, and 7/8 with accents appearing on notes throughout the measures.. The writing is idiomatic for the soloist, but some wonderful trills and detailed articulations will provide challenges to execute convincingly. The melodic writing throughout the movements provides a somber and reflective mood and the use of a mute in the second movement provides a nice color change. The final movement is a light rondo utilizing double tongued figures that span the range of the work. This work should be performed more often and the piano reduction achieves a fine musical reproduction of the original string version. 

Samples:  Music #1    Music #2  

Parts:  BC and TC