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A ground breaking recording by Norwegian soloist Tormod Flaten.  He was the International Guest for the IEI 2006.



1.Vallflickans Dans (Hugo Alfvén, arr. Frode Rydland)** 
 Two Insects for Solo Euphonium (T. Aagaard-Nilsen) 
2.   - Dance of the Dragonfly 
3.   - Moth in Love 
 Sonata in A Minor (B. Marcello, arr. T. Flaten)* 
4.   - Adagio 
5.   - Allegro 
6.   - Largo 
7.   - Allegro 
8.Sweet and Low (Joseph Barnby, arr. Ray Farr)** 
9.Flight (Philip Wilby)* 
10.Peace (John Golland)** 
11.Euphonium Concerto, 3rd Movement (Jukka Linkola)* 
12.Rev. Archie Beaton (John Mason, arr. Frode Rydland)** 
13.Fantasia (Gordon Jacob)* 
14.Meditation from "Thais" (J. Massenet, arr. T. Flaten)* 
 Suite no. 4 in Eb Major BWV 1010 for Solo Euphonium 
 (Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. T. Flaten) 
15.   - Bourée 1 & Bourrée 2 
16.   - Gigue 
17.Larghetto for Euphonium (Craig Farr)*** 
18.Variations on Drink to Me Only (Howard Snell)* 
 *     With Daniel Beskow, piano 
 **   With brass ensemble from Eikanger-Bjørsvik 
 *** With tuba ensemble