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Difficulty:  III-IV
These 6 Canonic Sonatasrepresent some of the most unique works in the instrumental repertoire. The overall concept involves two players performing the works in a “round.” Player #1 begins the work and once they reach the symbol, Player #2 starts playing at the beginning of the piece. In this way, player #2 chases player #1 until the end of each movement where there are two fermatas. Player #1 ignores the first fermata and plays until the last bar. Player #2 will utilize the earlier fermata so both parts will conclude together. 
These are INCREDIBLY fun to explore and can be used as solo pieces or as a duet.  They are so multi-faceted!!  


Duet Sound Sample: Sonata I, Mvt 3    Sonata III, Mvt 2  (check out the cool stereo effect of left and right voices)

Play-a-long Sound Sample:  Sonata I, Mvt 3    Sonata III, Mvt 2  (use with PDF Sample below)

PDF Sample:   Sonata I, Mvt 3    Sonata III, Mvt 2
Parts: BC Only