• Wilhelm, Rolf - Duett Concertino for Trumpet, Euphonium and Piano

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Difficulty:  IV

Length:  10:00

Written in three movements: Allegro con brio, Andante, Allegro moderato. This work features Wilhelm's characteristic harmonies and lighter style of writing. Quite famous for his cartoon music, the opening 6/8 movement captures a more restrained energy and features a short cadenza before a quicker restatement of the opening theme. Wilhelm produced an excellent second movement with wonderful lyrical and melodic writing between the soloists that leads to a rhythmic and highly articulated final movement. There are double tongued intervals before a return to the 6/8 mood of the first movement; yet, this time it creates much more energy at a faster tempo and provides a nice finale to the work. This work should be performed more often as one of the very few major chamber works for the euphonium.

Recorded onBeyond the Horizon  

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Parts:  BC and TC