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A new look at fundamental practice presented by Adam Frey. The Game of Practice features extensive background and understanding into how to organize your practice around a player's strengths and weaknesses. The overall guidance, work sheets, and concepts on setting goals and monitoring progress will help create a greater sense of awareness, progress and achievement. This 100 page book features insightful approaches to building your skills of Breathing, Buzzing, Articulation, Flexibility, and Technique!

Another amazing aspect of The Game of Practice involves its use of videos with QR Codes, "Tech Tips" and "Tool Tips" that educate players about how to measure their progress with various technology and tools. Finally, scattered throughout are "Tips from the Top." These commentaries feature wisdom and humor from Adam Frey's 20 year career as a soloist and teacher.

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International Outreach

The Spanish and Chinese editions of The Game of Practice will be available in late September.

A portion of all sales of The Game of Practice will be donated to help fund the Earle Louder Fellowships from the Euphonium Foundation.