• Nelson - Night Song - WIND BAND ARRANGEMENT

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Product Information

A complete set of score and parts for the windband arrangement of Night Song by Ron Nelson.


From Ron Nelson, the composer:

"Night Song, resolutely melodic and romantic, was written in homage to Howard Hanson, with whom the composer studied during the years he attended the Eastman School of Music. Dr. Hanson's genius was to create an environment where students couldn't wait to write something for the next class. He was a mentor and a source of inspiration.

This piece is not meant to sound like Dr. Hanson's music, although it does feature two devices that are characteristic of his style. These are technically known as a 9-8 suspension and superimposed triads; e.g., G Major over C Major. The comissioning of Night Song was made possible, in part, through a grand from the Easthill Foundation of Clarence, New Your, Senator Mary Lou Rath, and the New York State Education Department."


Parts: Full windband score & windband parts