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Length:  8:00  

Difficulty:  IV

This musical work was written in 1998 originally for bass trombone and piano, but revised in July 2000 for euphonium and piano. It was dedicated and premiered by Ryuji Ushigami, euphonium, and Aki Fujii, piano, at Iizunakogen, Nagano the next month. This composition follows a clear three-part form set as a short scherzo. The A section is rapid and based on the intervals of a fourth in the melody as well as chords that bring in a contrasting mood with provocation and mellowness. The B section features a moderately slow tempo and is meditative. The title, Cyanic Ballade, contains a double vision and meaning: beautiful cyanic flowers and poisonous cyanic acid. Both vastly different in appearance and purpose and the piece reflects the complex contrasts.
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Parts:  BC and TC