• Sparke - Concerto No. 1

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  • Manufacturer: Studio Music

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Product Information

Difficulty:  IV

Length:  16:30

A superb work with Sparke’s characteristic rhythmic energy, driving intensity, beautiful melodies, and of course listenability. The technical challenges in this work are not overly taxing but will require dedicated practice on certain sections in seven flats in the opening movement and the rhythmic accuracy in mixed meter passages. The second movement contains one of the most beautiful melodies for the euphonium with an emphasis on the rising octave. It blends wonderfully with the band parts; however, it remains in the upper tessitura for most of the movement and will present an endurance challenge. The finale movement is a light hearted 6/8 tarantella that has a bit of hitch in that some of the rhythms are tied over bar lines. This will be a joy to practice and perform. 

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Parts:  BC and TC