Collection: Tuba 2024 Jeju International Wind and Percussion Competition Competition

1st preliminary round: 2 songs

1) G. P. Telemann: Fantasy no. 7. 1st and 2nd movements only TWV 40:20 

(SOLO=no piano accommodation) 

2) Kutrik Bence: Limerick 


2nd preliminary round: 3 songs

1) C. Sturzenegger: L6 Anakrón X 

2) L. Cherubini: Sonata no. 2. 

Select one of the songs below

1) M. Forbes: Grumpy Troll (SOLO)

2) Penderecki: Capriccio 

3) Plog: Postcards V. 

Final: 1 song

1) J. Koetsier: Concertino String ensemble accompaniment