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Hal Leonard

Linkola, Jukka - Concerto

Linkola, Jukka - Concerto

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Difficulty:  V

Length:  27:00

This work represents one of the most difficult works currently written for the euphonium.  Originally conceived for this medium, the colors and textures in the accompaniment make it one of the most superior works in this performance medium.  However its length will make it a challenge to program.  The variety of character and styles makes it an enjoyable work to practice.  Yet, the extended range of this work and the endurance required to perform it will keep many people away from it.  The opening movement contains great driving rhythms with the euphonium’s lines mainly traversing wide ranges with various arpeggiated and scalar patterns.  The melodic and harmonic language are defiantly contemporary, but very listenable with a hint of jazz influence.  The first movement also goes through various moods:  sometimes confident (loud syncopated sections), sometimes dark (very low pedal register themes), and  sometimes searching (in the extended cadenza that concludes with f”).  The ending of the movement leaves the listener wanting more and the Quasi nocturne brings to light a contemplative melody that is quite lovely.  However, be warned that much of the theme lies above b! and has ascending parts and leaps to e” and f”.  A huge buildup with triple tonguing on repeated f serves as the climax before the plaintive recapitulation.  The final movement boasts the most energy and technical demands.  Exuberant runs and VERY angular melodies (d”, c”, d’, b”, b, g’), and some complex rhythms represent the major hurdles.  In addition there are a number of parts that have an e”.  An extended cadenza that features a lot of technique and range also incorporates the use of an open piano with pedal depressed to create some sympathetic vibrations.  A restatement of the opening and powerful cadenza following be a tremendous downward glissando by the orchestra brings the work to conclusion on a EE-flat.  This work represents a major challenge for the euphonium soloist and a work that will be enjoyable to perform if its difficulties can be mastered.  Highly recommended for those capable players. 






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