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McGhee - Analyse and Interpret

McGhee - Analyse and Interpret

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From the composer:

'Analyse and Interpret' was originally written in 2006 as a sister piece to 'Waiting For a Pain Hit!?!!?'
Along with 'Pain Hit' it was my first composition since graduating from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

The piece remained unplayed until 2013, when several euphonium players asked me if I had an unaccompanied work they could use. After a major reworking, the piece, in it's current form, was premiered by James McLeaod at the RWCMD. Analyse and Interpret was later recorded by David Thornton and featured on his solo CD "Parallel Realities' (WOS079).

'Analyse and Interpret' is written without bar-lines and without any performance directions - the aim for this being to give as much musical freedom to the performer as possible. Indeed, the title gives a concise explanation for my hopes for the piece - study it and make it your own!

There is no right or wrong, only self-expression.

~Paul McGhee, February 2015

Parts: BC & TC

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