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Vining - Range songs euphonium TREBLE CLEF!!!

Vining - Range songs euphonium TREBLE CLEF!!!

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Parts:  BC

Samples:  PDF (in bass clef)


Range for Euphonium covered in Rangesongs:

F above the staff up to High F for the high range

F below the staff down to Pedal B-flat for the low range

Rangesongs helps you develop your high and low ranges by using target notes in a musical context to encourage you to move your air properly.

Rangesongs contains 105 original etudes, each with a specific target note. Practice the etudes with the target note in the range you wish to develop, moving the target note higher or lower as your range improves. This allows you to systematically develop your range and endurance over time, using musical phrasing as your tool.

Rangesongs makes building range and endurance easy; simply identify your target note, follow the phrasing suggestions and before you know it, you will achieve peak performance!

Visit the Rangesongs web page to learn more...

Author David Vining says:

"Out of all the books I have written, Rangesongs has provided the most immediate and tangible return in my teaching. Students who play out of this book regularly invariably improve range and endurance within one week and those who continue to cultivate thier skills beyond that time stand to gain even more. The idea of using musical phrasing as an incentive to improve range and endurance turned out to be incredibly appealing to good musicians. I hope you find as much improvement and fulfillment with this book as I have."

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