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Berry- Quartet No. 1

Berry- Quartet No. 1

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Quartet No. 1 is Andrew Berry’s first completed composition for Tuba/Euphonium quartet.

While there is no real programmatic story behind the music, various themes are introduced and

developed throughout the three movements to create a sensation of “conflict and resolution”.

The first movement is mostly composed of dance-like figures that want to be in major

harmonies, however often succumb to minor harmonies. The second movement presents new

ideas of conflict and searches for resolutions. These resolutions are usually met with defeat and

the performers are challenged with new but familiar ways to continue combating these

conflicts. The final movement is a series of more dances that present conflict at its most

extreme, however is abruptly resolved at the end of the piece as the quartet celebrates with

joyous flourishes in the euphonium parts. Each of the four parts are demanding in their own

way, and the quartet as a whole is best suited for an experienced undergraduate ensemble or a

graduate/professional ensemble.

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