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Carl Fischer

Bona, Pasquale - Rhythmical Articulation

Bona, Pasquale - Rhythmical Articulation

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Parts 2&3 (Fitch) [Bass Clef]

Appropriate for any bass clef instrument, including bassoon, trombone, euphonium, tuba, cello or double bass. The original "Complete Method for Rhythmical Articulation" was intended for vocal use to teach problems of sight reading, rhythmical and intervallic accuracy, and "articulation" in the sense of correct pronunciation of solfeggio syllables. This bass clef edition retains the qualities of the original, but "articulation" now means accuracy of tonguing on wind instruments and of correct bowing on the strings. In addition, phrase marks and slurs have been added where they are appropriate, and keys have been changed in some of the studies in order that the range of the study remains useful for bass clef instruments. 42 etudes over 47 pages, bass clef throughout. Omitted from the original vocal edition is "Part I," which dealt mainly with solfeggio syllables over a series of 74 short scaler etudes. 47 pages.

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