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Bowen, Brian - Euphonium Music

Bowen, Brian - Euphonium Music

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Difficulty Rating:  IV

Length:  18:00


Euphonium Music stands as one of the contemporary standards in the euphonium repertoire.  The writing features many less common melodic intervals of sevenths in its opening motive that reappears several times.  The technical and rhythmic demands are numerous and the rising seventh appears in the fast sections as well.  Much of the runs in the work are chromatic in nature and do not always follow major and minor triads.  The second movement features one of the most poignant melodies written for the euphonium and provides great scope for interpretation.  The second movement segues into the technical third with many triplet flourishes and a rapid syncopated theme.  There are some awkward mixed meter sections before a brief melodic interlude before the final technical flourish and a section demonstrating the lyrical power of the instrument.  This is a highly recommended work and can be performed with any standard performance medium. 

Samples:  PDF

Parts:  BC and TC


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