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Ultimate Brass

Ultimate Brass - Tuba Mouthpiece - MW RS1 - SILVER

Ultimate Brass - Tuba Mouthpiece - MW RS1 - SILVER

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Ultimate Brass Tuba Mouthpiece "MW" Series - Micky Wrobleski Signature Series


"When I was approached by Sun He of Ultimate Brass to collaborate on designing a line of tuba mouthpieces, I thought to myself, “Yeah, that is just what the world needs another tuba mouthpiece!” After a little further thought and discussion with Sun He, I was convinced that doing so would be an interesting and rewarding journey. When asked what I wanted out of a mouthpiece, or rather, a line of mouthpieces, it took me a great deal of time and thought to come up with specifics.  So much great work has already been done by the a lot great makers already. To think that I would be able to contribute anything was daunting, to say the least. 


Through much effort, discussion, and testing, I believe that the six models we have currently come up with will serve anyone well in their pursuit of better performance. 


All Ultimate Brass MW Series feature an extremely comfortable and flexible rim that gives the performer a more organic connection the instrument. "


- Micky Wrobleski



In designing the MW FL1, we have come up with a mouthpiece that offers you a little more “zing” in the sound, while still being able to produce a robust and supple sound.  It is an excellent solo mouthpiece that works very well on large and small tubas. 

The MW FS1 is a mouthpiece which offers the performer a very vibrant sound that is excellent for lighter orchestral works, and is an excellent choice for chamber music and solo work. The MW FS1 is also capable of great tenderness and agility.

The MW EF SOLO is the perfect mouthpiece for use in some of the higher orchestral repertoire, and chamber music.  It is also a fantastic mouthpiece for music of a highly technical nature which requires great dexterity.  As the name states, it is a wonderful choice for solo repertoire. 

With the MW PL1, we have created a mouthpiece that is free and easy blowing in all registers.  The sound is focused with a great core while enabling the performer to play with confidence and finesse at the softest dynamics.  For the large orchestral tubas, this is a truly fantastic mouthpiece. 


A great mouthpiece, the MW E1 is an excellent choice for use in any situation.  It offers a full bodied sound coupled with excellent clarity and response. 

The MW RS1 was designed with the smaller rotary valve tubas in mind.  I wanted to develop a mouthpiece that would truly enhance the sound of the smaller rotary tubas for playing some heavier chamber music repertoire and for giving a little more body to the sound of these tubas in the orchestra. 

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