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Vaughan Williams - Concerto for Tenor Tuba (EUPHONIUM EDITION)

Vaughan Williams - Concerto for Tenor Tuba (EUPHONIUM EDITION)

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The Vaughan Williams Tenor Tuba Concerto has been transposed from the original tuba concert.  It is in three movements: Allegro Moderato; Romanza (Andante Sostenuto); and Finale-Rondo alla Tedesca (Allegro).

Vaughan Williams's Concerto for Bass Tuba and Orchestra was the first major concerto to be written for the instrument. It was composed in 1953-4 to mark the 50th anniversary of the LSO, and was premiered by the orchestra's principal tuba player, Philip Catelinet. The original plan to transpose it for Euphonium was not realised during the composer's lifetime, and only now, in this transcription by David Childs, has that goal been attained, with Vaughan Williams's orchestration deftly transposed and rearranged by Rodney Newton to allow this characteristic work to enter the repertoire of many more players.

Parts: Solo euphonium/tenor tuba, Piano 

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