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Cosma, Vladimir - Concerto

Cosma, Vladimir - Concerto

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One of the best works in the repertoire!!

Difficulty: V

Length:  23:00

One of the most challenging and rewarding solos in the repertoire, this concerto embodies in many ways the spirit of Paganini and Liszt for the euphonium and represents one of the most outstanding selections for euphonium and large ensemble.  It features virtuoso technique, intense melody, and a need for panache and flair.  The technical and range challenges are formidable, but WELL worth the practice.  Of particular note involves the flexibility, clarity, and tone quality needed in the low range from BB-flat to F as there are numerous sections of slurred and tongued passages in these ranges.  There is also a strong need for excellent double and triple tonguing as Cosma wrote the final few sections with the violin (his instrument) in mind versus the euphonium, so some of the passages are not as idiomatic as they could be.  The Andantino creates an atmosphere mindful of Piazzolla, the famous tango writer.  The melody sails with the euphonium.  This piece stands at the top of the list of recommended repertoire for those capable.  Taking this challenge will be extremely rewarding and the only caveat involves the cost of the large ensemble rental parts (more than $400) and the piano reduction.  



Parts:  BC and TC


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