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Deddos - Invasions and Myths

Deddos - Invasions and Myths

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Difficulty:  IV  Length:  8:00

A new challenging work for euphonium, trumpet, and piano.  It features 3 movements and was commissioned by the 2011 Euphonium Foundation Consortium Commission

Parts:  TC and BC 

"The piece does not keep a defined pattern of structure, but just tries to create a subjective reflection through the sounds and, in this case, with a "suggestive name". The title has inspiration in some mythological creatures that are protectors of Mother Nature in Brazil.  These characters are called by names like “Curupira”, “Boitatá”, among others. This simple "musical story" tries to describe moments of invasion and destruction of the environment and of course our answer together with these "creatures" to protect and create a vision of how sensible and wonderful nature remains. Maybe in our mind, this is a subject more used for kids, but certainly it remains very contemporary and real.  It is meant to be enjoyable in both a rhythmic and cantabile musical style."  Fernando Deddos

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