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DiLorenzo - Gemini for Euph, Horn, and Piano DOWNLOAD

DiLorenzo - Gemini for Euph, Horn, and Piano DOWNLOAD

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A fantastic new work commissioned by Adam Frey, Jeff Nelsen (Canadian Brass) and Scott Hagen, Conductor of the University of Utah Wind Ensemble.

Length:  10:00   Difficulty:  IV


In the summer of 2006, I started a series of concertos based on Greek Mythology.  The first was a work titled Chimera, concerto for Brass Quintet and Orchestra. The Center City Brass Quintet Premiered the commissioned work in Tokyo with Conductor Naoto Otomo and the Tokyo Symphony. In 2008, I was approached and commissioned by brass soloists Adam Frey, Jeff Nelsen, and Scott Hagen, who conducts the University of Utah Wind Ensemble. Wanting to continue with the series of concertos, it seemed appropriate to write a piece that would challenge the soloist’s virtuosic abilities as well as being adventurous in story and sound.  At first it wasn’t clear which story from mythology I would use. Once the bulk of the work was sketched out it occurred to me that since this was a concerto for two soloists, it only seemed obvious that the story of The Gemini Twins would fit well. Gemini in Greek Mythology explains that in its stars were two brothers named Pollux and Castor. They were sons of Zeus. Both brothers were celebrated as protectors of Human kind and had adventures from the Argonauts Quest for the Golden Fleece to fighting off eerie lightning called Saint Elmo’s Fire.

Parts:  BC and TC

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