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Downie, Kenneth - Concerto for Euphonium

Downie, Kenneth - Concerto for Euphonium

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Difficulty:  V

Length:  16:00

A new, large-scale composition for the euphonium, this work will challenge soloist and band. The work opens with a light 12/8 triplet theme that jumps around the range of the instrument as well as appearing as triple-tonguing figures. Based in g minor, the work explores this motive before some foreshadowing of the lyrical 2nd movement theme. There are a number of wide interval slurs in the work as well. The second movements writing demonstrates excellent knowledge of the euphonium and makes use of its lyricism. The climax, an allargando theme on a high b-flat and c-flat, brings the main theme back again to close the movement. The finale returns the fast tradition in brass band solos with very rapid sixteenth note runs that are slurred and double tongued. A unique figure involves an octave slur between the first two sixteenth notes in a set of runs. It will be a challenge at tempo. A quasi cadenza near the end of the work has the euphonium playing from pedal B-flat to d2 before a restatement from the first movement, at a brisker tempo, brings the work to a dramatic, powerful ending. This work will certainly receive more performances and become one of the most challenging works in the repertoire.

Written in three movements: Con moto e vigore, Andante con espressivo, Vivace festivamente. 

Samples:  Music #1    Music #2    Music #3

Parts:  BC and TC

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