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Ellerby - Euphonium Concerto

Ellerby - Euphonium Concerto

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Difficulty:  V

Length: 21:00

One of THE most challenging works in the repertoire, the Ellerby Euphonium Concerto can be summed up as an exploration in the technical limits of euphonium in regards to range, dexterity, and endurance.  Attention to detail is must in all movements as Ellerby clearly marks articulation and dynamic nuances.  The Fantasy features the alternation of an energetic rising theme, sometimes slurred and sometimes tongued, with a beautiful melodic section.  The Capriccio is the most demanding technically and rhythmically.  One of the great moments of the work occurs as the 12/8 theme shifts from triplet to duple subdivisions.  The writing can be described as melodic and motivic with a very wide palette of harmonic and melodic colors in an angular style.  The chromatic appearance does not translate to chromatic sounding harmony.  A muted section occurs in the middle of the second movement.  The Rhapsody (for Luis) hosts one of the best examples of lyrical euphonium writing.  Dedicated to Luis Maldanado, this movement’s buildup and climax leading to a d” remains one of the most memorable moments in the euphoniums repertoire.  The writing and interplay between soloist and ensemble makes this movement a joy to perform and the final repeated d’s in the solo line pays homage to another great lyrical euphonium concerto by Horovitz.  Diversions could be concluded as approximately five minutes of pure, intense rhythmic drive.  From its opening accompaniment figure played by the band that  sets the pace, this movement places large technical demands on the soloist including rapid tonguing, optional multi-phonics, highly articulated figures in extreme ranges, traversing more than two octaves in a single bar, and ending with glissandi up to e-flat”.  One of the masterpieces of the euphonium repertoire, this concerto will require lots of practice and strength.  The ensemble parts are very difficult and a good conductor will be needed.  Alternate fingerings will make the solo part clearer and easier. 


Recorded on the Little Buckaroos ablum.


Parts:  BC and TC


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