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Euphoniums Unlimited

Euphoniums Unlimited

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A euphonium choir with all originally composed repertoire for this type of ensemble. Four world reknowned soloists add to the effect: Brian Bowman, Adam Frey, Joshua Hauser, and Jukka Myllys. Conducted by Winston Morris, Professor at Tennessee Tech, and featuring many of his former students in the Euphoniums Unlimited ensemble, this recording must be a part of everyone's library.

Selections -
"In Memoriam" Sept. 11, 2001 (Duncan J. MacMillan) featuring Adam Frey, Exhibitions (David Uber) featuring Brian Bowman, Runnin¹ with Bydlo (Greg Danner), Moser Cameos (music by: Aldo Rafael Forte, words: Carolyn Ruth Moser), Lampi (Kirmo Lintinen) featuring Jukka Myllys, A Little Monster Music (Elizabeth Raum), In the Cathedral (Neal Corwell) featuring Brian Bowman, By the Waters of Babylon (William R. Brusick), Euphoniums Unlimited (Jim Self), EuPhunk (Joshua Hauser) featuring Joshua Hauser.


Commentary from R. Winston Morris: 

After forty-plus years of teaching as a low brass instructor, I finally made a discovery: the euphonium is the most versatile musical instrument ever invented!  I've always suspected this was the case but as a tubist I just didn't want to admit the inevitable.  As a champion of the traditional "tuba ensemble" which employs both euphoniums and tubas it has been obvious that tubas by themselves just don't hack it.  "Tubas only" work, in my opinion, only in the hands of extraordinary performers with only a handful of pieces that have ever been conceived for just tubas.  The "Euphoniums Unlimited" project proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that euphoniums "don¹t need no stinkin' tubas!"  Indeed, it's the other way around!  

In addition to the members of the group, Euphoniums Unlimited , we invited three world-class representatives of the "art of the euphonium" to appear as guest soloists: Brian Bowman, Adam Frey, and Jukka Myllys.  The incredible repertoire generated for this recording is certainly equal to the proficiency of the outstanding performers. Of special interest on this project, and by design, with the exception of the first two tracks, the rest of the  repertoire is original music composed specifically for his effort. The listener can learn all about the music, the composers, and the performers in the extensive program notes provided.  Expressions of our gratitude to all concerned are in the acknowledgement section.

With a "tip o' the hat" to our good buddy Steven Mead with his unbelievable multi-tracked recordings, acknowledgement to the "brothers euphonium" (Bob and Nikki Childs) for their duet tracks, and tribute to the great Toru Miura for his "The Euphonium Company" ensemble, this project is the first recording that we are aware of for the large euphonium choir.  The musical styles possible on the euphonium are unlimited as is evident by the repertoire: from total "EuPhunk" to ultimate seriousness represented by "In Memoriam" (a tribute to the "events" of September 11, 2001).  The tonal range of the euphonium choir, on this recording at any rate, extends from double pedals (look out tubas!) to high F's and higher around every corner.  There simply is no style of music that the euphonium cannot represent.   


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