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Frey, Adam - Majestic Journey (New Zealand SO)

Frey, Adam - Majestic Journey (New Zealand SO)

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Adam Frey and the incredible New Zealand Symphony Orchestra!!  What an amazing combination in this first entire CD recording of euphonium and a major symphony orchestra!! 

Check out the great sound files below...



Track # Title Composer Sound Sample Sheet Music
1 Majestic Journey Kevin Kaska MP3#1     MP3 #2 Yes
2 Peace John Golland arr. Frey MP3  Yes
  Euphonium Concerto    Vladimir Cosma  - Yes
3    I.  Allegro assai    MP3#1     MP3 #2 -
4    II.  Andantino            MP3  -
5    III.  Finale-Gioccoso     MP3#1     MP3 #2  -
6 Ballade Kevin Kaska MP3 Yes
7 Brillante Peter Graham MP3#1     MP3 #2 Yes
8 Pantomime Philip Sparke arr. Frey MP3#1     MP3 #2 Yes




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