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Thomas Ruedi

Granados - Madrigal - Thomas Ruedi Series

Granados - Madrigal - Thomas Ruedi Series

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From the publisher:

MADRIGAL written in 1915, is originally for cello and piano; written during Granados' last compositional period, referred to as his «Goya» period. This period is defined by his leaving of his more nationalistic writings in the Spanish style he is well known for.

While «Madrigal» doesn’t sound as particularly Spanish as his earlier works, a Spanish flavour remains present as does Granados’ compositional fingerprint of writing music that sounds like or inspires improvisation.

Spanish music of this time is famous for its flamboyant use of decorative ornamentation. «Madrigal» relies heavily on elegant melismatic lines, but what separates this piece and Granados’ music from his Spanish contemporaries, is his ability to orchestrate melismas with restraint and taste.


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