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Hackett - Superhero Suite for Euph Quartet DOWNLOAD

Hackett - Superhero Suite for Euph Quartet DOWNLOAD

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A fun and challenging work for euphonium quartet (a tuba could be used for the low part) written in 3 movements.

Parts:  BC only

Notes from the Composer:

The story that I hear, which may not be the best story, is that of a typical superhero movie.


The first movement introduces the hero as he (or she) is in the midst of a battle.  I’m not sure that any one of the euphonium parts represents the hero; but musically, the parts all work against each other, almost mockingly, throughout the piece.  The different parts step in with the main motive and then move out very quickly; like bad guys standing in a circle around a superhero, waiting for their chance to move in and take their beating. POW!


The second movement portrays the love life of the superhero which, in any good superhero story, is tragic.  The hero can’t be in a relationship with their love interest because they fear for their safety and blah blah blah…. The movement is about the negative feelings that are brought into the story as a result of the main character’s pining for a love that he (or she) can’t have.


What do superheroes do with their free time? They PARTY.  Maybe this side of the superhero isn’t well documented in the movies, but in my mind, anyone who spends their nights beating up villains deserves a good party.  The last movement is just fun and rhythmic with lots of hemiola, the heart of any good “drum-setless” rock song.



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