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Hackett- Tuba Quartet No. 1 DOWNLOAD

Hackett- Tuba Quartet No. 1 DOWNLOAD

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An award winning new work for tuba quartet (ensemble) from the pen of young composer, Ben Hackett.  The work was named a FINALIST in the 2010 Harvey Phillips Awards for Excellence in Composition.  A wonderful honor.

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Parts:  BC parts for all instruments

A few words from the composer:

The first movement, which is called "Quick and Heavy," is divided into two ideas: (1) the quick trade-off between arpeggios in the 2nd tuba with parallel minor triads in the upper three parts and (2) the seemingly slow yet energetic chorale sections.  This movement is a challenge to blend since the voices are often close together in the middle and low parts of the bass clef staff. 


The second movement is a slow chorale that features the two euphoniums trading a melody back and forth over steady, open chords in the tuba parts.  The harmonic movement is slow and not very complicated but the trading melodies and the appearance and resolution of dissonances show the beauty and blend of the instruments.


The third movement, titled "Fast and Loud," begins with a simple two note rhythmic motive in the three lower parts.  This rhythmic motive is present in different forms throughout most of the movement.  This movement brings back ideas from previous movements like the quick trading of melodies and a slower yet energetic chorale in the middle.  Hopefully, this movement is a fun, exciting finish to the piece.


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