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Ito, Yasuhide - Fantasy Variations

Ito, Yasuhide - Fantasy Variations

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Difficulty:  IV

Length:  9:00

Written in the form of a theme and variations, this work actually presents the variations before the theme.  The Variations are demanding and require no unusual techniques other than finesse and ease of playing.  The first variation in 6/8 has a nice lilting mood and leads nicely to the more energetic 2/4 Rondo with lots of interchange between soloist and accompaniment that still remains restrained in character, but intense nonetheless.  A brief cadenza incorporating double tonguing and the full extent of the range of the work finishes with the soloist holding a pedal F for eight bars as the true theme of the work emerges in the accompaniment.  The soloist gets the opportunity to shape the beautiful pentatonic melody and provide a superb, soaring countermelody before a few moments of relaxing music leads to the final variation, a cleaver fugue in 6/8.  The work concludes with a stellar coda section with a tour-de-force accompaniment that will excite performer and audience.  This work is highly encouraged due to its unique melodic and harmonic character and should be performed much more often.

Parts:  BC and TC


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