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Kane, Derick - Solo Album

Kane, Derick - Solo Album

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A very fine collection of Salvation Army solos by one of the best known SA euphonium soloists.  Derick Kane has been principal euphonium of the International Staff Band since 1976 and has been featured on many recordings often playing solos especially written for him.

This album contains many of those solos ranging from traditional melodies to Salvation Army songs and includes four major works. There are solos to challenge the younger player as well as some to test the most advanced soloist. These solos, many only previously available with brass band accompaniment, now come with piano accompaniment.

Also included is an 'accompaniment CD' for rehearsal purposes or for performance when a live accompaniment is not available.

The Better World (Bearcroft arr. Mortlock); Spirit of Life (Catherwood); My Love is Like a Red Red Rose (Trad arr. Downie); Travelling Along (Mallett); Lyric Variations (Steadman-Allen); There Will be God (Webb arr. Phillips); To Live Right (Bosanko); Welsh Fantasy (Pearce); Jesus I Come To Thee (Bearcroft); Ochills (Rance arr. Kane); Compelled By Love (Blyth); A New Direction (Kane); Menuet (Bizet arr. Norbury); and Timepiece (Bearcroft arr. Graham).


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