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Lapins, Alexander - Dueling Fundamentals for Tuba

Lapins, Alexander - Dueling Fundamentals for Tuba

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From the Publisher:

Dueling Fundamentals: Advanced Fundamental Exercises for Two Tubas by Alexander Lapins is appropriate for college through professional tuba players.

The Wiffle Waffle, The Hip Lip Flip Trip, Melodic Minor Mayhem, and Arban Freaks Out are just some of the fun—but make no mistake, also challenging!—duets included in Dueling Fundamentals for Tubas. This book consists of five chapters: Long Tones, Stabilizers, Flexibility, Range Extenders, and Scales and Arpeggios. In each duet, both lines are challenging—there is no “student” line and no “teacher” line. Therefore this book works well for lessons or as an excellent tool for two friends or classmates looking to challenge themselves and each other.

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“Dueling Fundamentals for Tubas is a must own for every tubist! It will be taking a new place amongst the most used method books in my own teaching studio. Dr. Lapins touches on all of the key elements needed to become a successful tubist: flexibility, fingers, range, dynamics, and tone development. This book provides a much needed fresh outlook to anyone’s fundamental routine with its exciting duet format. In my opinion, the low register workout achieved for the big tuba player (CC or B-flat) is done in top form! This book has my highest recommendation, and should become a staple in every aspiring tubist’s library! Bravo, Dr. Lapins.” - Dr. Aaron Tindall, Principal Tuba, Sarasota Orchestra; Assistant Professor of Tuba/Euphonium, Frost School of Music, University of Miami

“Dueling Fundamentals by professor Alexander Lapins is a great addition to the library of all tuba players who wish to improve their fundamentals. Playing duets is one of the best ways to improve sound, tuning, rhythm, and precision. Most importantly, these studies will help you learn to work as a team. I highly recommend this book to all tuba players!” - Sérgio Carolino, Principal Tuba, Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música; Professor, Porto Superior High School of Music and Arts (Esmae); Yamaha International Artist

"Dueling Fundamentals is a valuable new resource that includes a wide variety of exercises. Collaborating with a colleague to play these duets is a great way to warm up together. However, as Alex Lapins explains in 'How to Use this Book,' working on fundamentals alone is vital, so playing the various lines by oneself will be extremely beneficial. Choosing one or more exercises from each section will provide an excellent warm-up. The 'Stabilizers' section by itself offers a low and middle register workout that is rewarding. The tubists who can play Trevi’s Ride at the end of this section will be more successful in approaching Ride of the Valkyries and Trevi Fountain. This book enables the advanced player to warm up and hone skills. The demands in these exercises will keep you engaged. I will be using Dueling Fundamentals in my own studio teaching." Fritz Kaenzig, Professor of Tuba/Euphonium, University of Michigan; Principal Tubist, Grant Park Orchestra (retired)

67 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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