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Leiby - Rochut for Two

Leiby - Rochut for Two

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An excellent addition to the reperotire of great duets.  This book continues the trend of Tom Ervin's Counterparts for the first 20 etudes with adding duet parts for the famous Rochut / Bordogni Duets from Number 21 to 40.  These duets coorospond with Book 1 of the Rochut Melodious Etudes and you can also find Duet samples for Rochut Etudes #1-20 - Counterparts by Tom Ervin, #41-60 Rochut for Two Too by Art Leiby.

These work as a great way to have student and teacher working together or to have studnets prepare together for a master class or seminar.  I enjoy them very much and use them regularly.

Parts:  BC only

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