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Lindberg, Christian - Concerto for Euphonium

Lindberg, Christian - Concerto for Euphonium

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Difficulty:  V 

Length:  19:00

A note from the composer:

After a concert with the Swedish Wind Ensemble in Stockholm April 2003(after which I became their chief conductor)  I had a party at my home where most of the major wind players in Stockholm were invited. One of those were the Euphonium pioneer Mikael Andersson.
In the middle of the party, when the atmosphere was to say the least "jolly" Mikael approached me and said: Would you write a Euphonium Concerto? Without really thinking I said "Yes why would I not?" A couple of minutes later Mikael approached me again and said "Well, you know, I am serious! If you say yes,then,  grab my hand and say you will accept a commission on a major piece for Euphoniumm and orchestra." I thought a bit more...and tried to become clear in my head so I wouldn´t promise anything I could not stand up for...and consequently my hand went its way towards his, I grabbed his, and the commission was a deal.
It was about 5 months after this episode(september 2003) that I started to work on this concerto. I decided to write one small "embryo"  every day, and after a week I gave all these names. The names that came up in my head was reminding me of a Jetty, "Sotenbryggan", one that I remember very clearly from my childhood at Bohus Malmön on the west coast of Sweden. One memory after the other came back to me, and each little memory gave visions of a musical world of its own. The memories are quite personal, so I will keep them for myself, but the music that I was inspired to write thanks to these memories, are all appearing in this rather virtuosic concerto dedicated to the unique Euphonium player Mikael Anderson, who´s sound and personality also became a central source of inspiration throughout working with the piece.
The names of the different episodes or parts of the concerto are just fantasy titles and does not necessary reflect the whole truth about the memory I had, but it certainly is related to them...the first original version of the piece was completed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the 1st of August 2004.
Christian Lindberg

1 Olle Dreaming along at the Jetty
2 A Motorboat is Passing by:  "I guess uncle Willy and I could spot Dolphines if we had such a Boat"
3 A Segal passes by, with all unpleasant consequenses...
4 Olle spots a Sailing Boat:  "You bet I would look good in such a Boat"
5 A Shipment of Bananas creates Panic
6 An Older Lad Teaches Olle "Things"
7 Life from a new Perspective...
8 Olle in Forbidden Territory
9 Aunt Siggi catches Olle, takes him home, and puts him straight to Bed
10 Olle Falling asleep after another Wild Day of Adventures at the Jetty


Parts:  BC Only

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