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MacMillan, Duncan - Gaelic Sonata - DOWNLOAD

MacMillan, Duncan - Gaelic Sonata - DOWNLOAD

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A very substantial work for euphonium and piano that utilizes folk song coupled with great virtuosity for both the euphonium and piano.

Difficulty:  IV-V

Length:  25:00 in Three Movements

Recorded on Beyond the Horizons Volume 1


The Gaelic Sonata was composed for Adam Frey in late 2002.  Premiered in February 2003, the composer says the following about the work:
“Folk song has proved a rich seam from which generations of composers have mined lustrous gems.  Perhaps no source sparkles with quite the gleaming brilliance of Gaelic melody.  The Gaelic Sonata is in three standard movements: sonata-allegro, song form, and rondo.

The sonata also tells a story of sorts:
I - A Youth, possessed of restless dreams of accomplishment, purposes to seek Adventure Afar, despite the admonitions of Age and Experience and the entreaties of the girl next door (who secretly loves him dearly).
II - He leaves nonetheless, only to discover that “adventure” includes spells of loneliness, doubt, and regret –even in the midst of boisterous comrades.
III - With mind and heart improved, the enlightened youth returns to find that much his heart had sought elsewhere was in truth waiting for him at home.

Adam’s comments:  An incredible addition to the repertoire that will become a standard of advanced players.  Duncan wrote this piece without being limited by preconceived notions of how the euphonium should be composed for or how its standard repertoire sounds.  A very fresh and challenging work that is VERY worth the time and effort.”

Parts:  BC and TC

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