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Mead - Misa’s Technical Book 1 - BC

Mead - Misa’s Technical Book 1 - BC

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Misa Mead has created this outstanding 75 page book of 40 extended technical studies for euphonium, that covers all tonalities and the full extended range of the instrument.

It is definitely not a book for beginners, but would suit good intermediate level, advanced and professional players.


Misa originally created 40 technical videos which she put on social media, and such was the overwhelming response to these, this book has now been written. This is how this wonderful book originated.

This book covers so many areas of technical study, and allows the student of freedom to work at them at their own pace and increase the tempo as facility comes.

This book covers all aspects of performance technique: different articulation exercises, range, intervals, finger studies, rhythmic studies, harmonic studies. This book is almost unique in the range that it demands, and reflects the range that is demanded by the modern euphonium player.


Misa writes: Technical skills for brass players also help with musicality. When we have developed the perfect technique we can play any music as we want. I hope this book helps you to enjoy your music-making.

You can see all the exercises being performed by Misa is an extended video:


It is attractively produced in high quality, with wire bound binding.

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