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Mead Springs Light Tension

Mead Springs Light Tension

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This is a brand-new and highly popular addition to the MeadSprings family, and is built to the same extremely high standards as the original set, but with a lighter feel. Steve uses these in his euphonium!

  • The four stainless steel springs are covered in a thin fluoropolymer plastic tubing giving a completely silent action.
  • Made to the same specification as the original MeadSprings but with a lighter tension. Valves 1,2,3 are the same lighter spring and there is a different spring tension for the 4th valve.(1,2,3,4)
  • No rebound bounce on your valve action whatsoever, allowing for smoother soft playing and without doubt more precision and speed with faster music.
  • The new lighter tension with superb performance is going to meet the needs of many players.
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