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Mead, Steven - Complete Works of Demersseman

Mead, Steven - Complete Works of Demersseman

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The music of Jules Demersseman is certainly unknown to brass players at present. But this recording of his 'lost' works for the now extinct six valve trombone, a creation of the instrument maker Adolphe Sax in the early 19th century, is sure to put his music into the minds of brass players now. It is wonderfully inventive and spontaneous music which tests the ability of even today's players. How these virtuoso pieces were played on the trombone with 6 independent valves we just don't know, it seems too remarkable for words! Enjoy this latest CD recording by Steven Mead and the brilliant accompanist Tomoko Sawano.

  • Premier Solo - Jules Demersseman
  • Premiere Solo de Concert - Jules Demersseman
  • Deuxieme Solo de Concert - Jules Demersseman
  • Cavatine, Op. 38 - Jules Demersseman
  • Cavatine, Op. 47 - Jules Demersseman
  • Introduction et Polonaise, Op. 30 - Jules Demersseman
  • Grande Fantasie Dramatique - Jules Demersseman
  • Fantaisie sur 'Le Desir' de Beethoven - Jules Demersseman
  • Grande Fantaisie sur 'Don Juan' de Mozart - Jules Demersseman
  • Introduction et Variations sur le 'Carnival de Venise' - Jules Demersseman
  • Grand Duo sur les Motifs de Guillaume Tell - Jules Demersseman


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