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Mikles, Martin - The Journey Home

Mikles, Martin - The Journey Home

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Difficulty:  III-IV

Length: 6:00

Recorded on Beyond the Horizon Volume 2

A beautiful and lovely melodic work that really features the strong points of the euphonium.  Mikles is a young composer and this work is superb.  Program notes below as well as a full live recording by a student performer.

 Program Notes:

A young composer and arranger, Martin primarily performs on trombone and euphonium.  As an undertaking for his course study at Georgia State University, he composed The Journey Home, a musical depiction of the parable of the Prodigal Son, for a final project.  

The story of the Prodigal Son is found in Luke 12:11-32. Jesus tells the story of a man who has two sons. The younger son demands his share of his inheritance while his father is still living, and goes off to a far away country where he "wastes his substance with riotous living." He eventually has to take work as a swine herder, which is a very form of employment as swine are not kosher in Judaism). While enduring this work, he becomes aware of his wasted time and decides to return home. There, he throws himself on his father's mercy. But when he arrives, his father greets him warmly and barely allows him to tell his tales of troubled times and express his repentance; the father even kills a "fatted calf" to celebrate his return (this was a sign of great celebration). The story continues with the older brother becoming jealous at the favored treatment of his faithless brother and upset at the lack of reward for his own faithfulness.  Martin is an avid brass band enthusiast and participates regularly in brass bands of The Salvation Army.  

Parts:  BC and TC

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