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Patten - Three Sketches for Euphonium and Piano

Patten - Three Sketches for Euphonium and Piano

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Written in three sections.

"Ziggy - Is based on a favorite cartoon character of the past. He is funny, slightly clumsy, romantic, very patriotic, and has a gentle loving spirit. His wonderful attributes are meant to be reflected in the music.

Sunset - Is a Texas sunset where there is a quiet serenity at the end of the day with nature sounds, and then a vast "rosy glow" extending over the landscape. It spreads across the horizen and then fades into the night.

Scherzo on a Pun - This section comes from my acquaintance with three punsters --- two in his family and a fellow musician. All of them are highly skilled in multiple areas, and when they offer a pun, they each wait to see how long it takes for me to "get it." There is laughter and great admiration on my part of their cleverness and high intelligence."

~Margaret Hostetter Patten

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