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Romberg- Serenade from The Student Prince

Romberg- Serenade from The Student Prince

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Written by Sigmund Romberg, arranged by Jason Casanova.

With music by Sigmund Romberg and lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly, The Student Prince is an operetta in four acts. It is based on Wilhelm Meyer-Forster's play Old Heidelberg. The operetta opened on December 24, 1924 and was the most successful of Romberg's works, running for 608 performances. It was the longest running Broadway show of the 1920's. The operetta contains the difficult tenor aria "The Serenade" (Overhead the Moon is Beaming), which is what this piece is an arrangement of. In the original work, the Serenade can be heard as the second to last musical number in Act 1, as well as the third musical number in Act 4 appearing as a reprise.

This has been a well loved piece in the euphonium repertoire, and was previously difficult to find until now. Enjoy!!!

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