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Rydland - Two Folk Tunes from Valdres

Rydland - Two Folk Tunes from Valdres

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Commissioned by myself especially for From the Deep. I wanted something that reflected my roots , being a native from the valley of Valdres. The piece is based on the dance Halling after Ulrik i Jensestogun and the beautiful Lullaby (Bådnlåt), and it is structured in an A-B-A form. Ulrik Olsen Jensestogun (1850-1919) was a farmer and fiddler from Sør-Aurdal in Valdres. Whereas the Halling is being presented in a folk-rock inspired fashion with some pyrotechnical variations, the Lullaby is rather clean and simple with a final stratospheric obligato for the soloist before the the Halling again leads the piece to a whirlwind close. Rydland describes the work as a tour de force which showcases this soloist's technical and lyrical qualities. Two Folk Tunes from Valdres was premiered by myself and the Tertnes Brass of Bergen, Norway with their conductor Bjørn Breistein.

Frode Rydland (born 1971), studied trumpet and pedagogy at the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen. Frode is probably most known as an arranger. He has put together winning programmes at the Siddis Brass entertainment contest with Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag, where he’s the soprano cornet player, and with several other bands. As a composer he won the Fodens Richardson Award in 2004 with the piece Hey-Hey!!. He also composed several other commissions for brass band.

Recorded on From the Deep

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