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Virgo (Hickeys)

Shifrin - Orchestral Excerpts for Euphonium and Bass Trumpet

Shifrin - Orchestral Excerpts for Euphonium and Bass Trumpet

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An incredible collection of the orchestral excepts for euphonium and bass trumpet.  This includes the VERY HARD TO GET TRANSPOSED version of Don Quixote and Ein Heldenleben.  These parts normally appear in a rare form of B-flat Bass Clef.

This text is a MUST for true euphonium players with an interest in the great orchestral literature.  It will provide fun for many to explore the great music in the lesser known excepts by Barber, Shostakovich, and Janacek in addition to the mainstays of Holst, Strauss, and Mahler.

Parts:  Varies based on composer - Some BC and TC and Tenor Clef

For Euphonium:
•  BARBER: Third Essay for Orchestra
•  BARTOK: Kossuth (2 tenor tubas)
•  HARRIS: Symphony No 1
•  HARRIS: Symphony No 7
•  HOLST: Planets
•  JANACEK: Sinfonietta (2 tenor tubas)
•  JANACEK: Totenhaus Suite
•  JANACEK: Violin Concerto
•  MAHLER: Symphony No 7
•  MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition
•  RESPIGHI: Pines of Rome
•  SCHUMAN: Credendum
•  SHOSTAKOWICH: L'age d'or
•  SHOSTAKOWICH: The Bolt (2 baritone horns)
•  SHOSTAKOWICH: The Tale of the Priest and His Blockhead Servant
•  STRAUSS: Don Quixote (complete & transposed)
•  STRAUSS: Ein Heldenleben (complete & transposed)
•  TRADITIONAL: The Saucy Arethusa.
For Bass Trumpet:
•  BARTOK Kossuth;
•  BERLIOZ Requiem;
•  HENZE Requiem;
•  JANACEK Sinfonietta;
•  JANACEK Totenhaus Suite;
•  JANACEK Violin Concerto;
•  LIGETI Le Grand Macabre;
•  REIMANN Troades;
•  SCHOENBERG Gurrelieder;
•  STRAUSS Elektra;
•  STRAUSS Guntram;
•  STRAUSS MacBeth;
•  STRAVINSKY Canticum Sacrum;
•  STRAVINSKY Le Sacre du Printemps;
•  TAKEMITSU Visions for Orchestra;
•  WAGNER Das Rheingold;
•  WAGNER Die Walkure;
•  WAGNER Siegfried;
•  WAGNER Gotterdammerung;
•  WEBERN Orchestral Pieces.

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