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Sparke - Party Piece

Sparke - Party Piece

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Difficulty - III-IV

Length:  8:30

Cast as a light-hearted showpiece with slow-fast-slow-fast sections, Party Piece opens with a nicely written melodic line that undergoes some modulations.  Passing tones are added to embellish the motives and a short cadenza with the pedal B-flat subsides to reveal the fast Allegro Scherzando.  The fast section features a fn syncopated figure with grace notes and numerous runs.  This work does not present insurmountable difficulties, but endurance will be an issue given its use of the high range for extended periods.  Grace notes will also provide an area for ensuring clarity.  A fun piece that is slightly less good than the better known Pantomime, although both follow nearly identical forms. 

Parts:  BC and TC



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