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Vining - Range songs for Tuba

Vining - Range songs for Tuba

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Rangesongs for Tuba by David Vining is appropriate for high school through professional tuba players.

Rangesongs develops your high and low ranges by using target notes in a musical context to encourage you to move your air properly. For the high range, Rangesongs offers sixty-five songs designed to improve your range and endurance systematically by using two strategies: the phrases within each song are specifically composed to build melodically to a designated target note, providing a compelling musical incentive to support the tone with the proper air speed; and the songs proceed chromatically to reach a high F for gradual improvement. For the low range, Rangesongs offers forty songs to extend the range downward in the same fashion to a pedal C.

105 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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