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Fundamental Music

Weber-Flaten - Andante and Hungarian Rondo

Weber-Flaten - Andante and Hungarian Rondo

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German composer Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber (1786-1826) was one of the first significant romantic composers. Andante e Rondo Ungarese exists in two versions. The original one was written for Weber’s brother Fritz in 1809, as a viola solo. But it is the second version, written on request from bassoonist Georg Friedrich Brandt in 1813, which is most commonly played. The andante is in a slow 6/8 meter introducing the simple theme in the minor key on a pizzicato accompaniment. The theme is then presented in three variations: The first one where the accompaniment plays the tune while the soloist spins around it; the second variation is much more romantic in the major key; whereas the third variation of the theme gets back to minor in a faster tempo, again with the tune in the accompaniment, and the solo obligato is very virtuosic and intricate. The rondo is introduced by a skipping, almost parodic tune. Episodes with rhythmical accents and trills follow before a very long series of triplets in the solo line rounds off a truly impressive and challenging piece. It is the bassoon version of Andante e Rondo Ungarese which this edition is based on.

Fundamental Music was established in October 2005. ‘Fundamental’ came up when I was searching for anagrams to the name of my son, Amund Flaten. ‘Fundamental’ is indeed a perfect anagram to his name, thus giving the word a strong personal meaning and association. For me, music is also a fundamental aspect of my life.

The Tormod Flaten Solo Series features the first published works on Fundamental Music and it consists solely of arrangements and compositions for euphonium. Most of the titles are recorded on my CD’s Flight, Norwegian Euphonium and with seven tracks from the latest album From the Deep we continue to bring out quality music in this series.

-Tormod Flaten


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