Collection: Commissioning

This area offers you membership in the Euphonium Foundation Consortium Commission Project. This project pools the resources of interested players to make commissioning new music an affordable opportunity for EVERYONE.  The short version of the process is as follows:

  1. Many interested players contribute small amounts of money $50-$300.
  2. The pooled funds pay a variety of composers to write works for that year.
  3. Contributors names appear on the music as commissioners of the new works
  4. Members have to right to offer "Consortium World Premiere" of each of the works
  5. Members feel great about helping develop great euphonium repertoire.  Its that simple.
  6. For more detail, you can visit the Euphonium Foundation Consortium Commission Page.

For 2013, we will commission a number of works by composers at various difficulty levels.  Our headline commission is a new major work for euphonium and wind band (with a piano reducation) by LA Composer Bruce Broughton, a Sonata by Jay Krush, a work for Tuba Euphonium Ensemble with Organ by William Brusick, and a new concerto by Brazilian Hudson Nogueira!!  Choose your membership level below.

We hope you will consider supporting this effort at your highest possible level.